We have vacationed away from the blog and IG for a while. Family is very important to me and I plan on keeping it that way. As you know a little bundle is coming this fall and we are super excited to become a family of 5. Being pregnant and getting everything done in a day around my house has been a task. I’m currently working on and hoping to achieve a good routine for the boys and myself for when the new baby arrives. It’s sad to say I’m not the superwoman I thought I would be. Two kids and one on the way is hard, there I said it! & to any mother with more kids than I, you are worthy of a metal!
I hope to be blogging more in the coming months all while keeping my household in order. Fingers crossed!

Sorry for lack of post and keeping up with my portraits of the boys but a baby is on it’s way here. I’m currently 15 weeks and well into my second trimester but we had a bit of a scare a week ago and it put quite the halt on daily routine. I took some time out to rest and just be a family, no photos just us. Everything is well with my new little person & growing a bit more everyday. It’s been so long since my last almost 6 years so I’m learning as I go. New new new, techniques and baby gear ect. I hope you bear with me during this wonderful time as I hope not to lose focus of what I want to accomplish as a mother and woman in this world. Pregnancy is never easy but always worth it. We can not wait to welcome another miracle into our lives and the boys are smitten already. Boy or girl care to guess?

Cash- informing me about life as usual.
Crew- he’s a wrestler this week and upside is his father had this jacket when he was little. My hubs had his 15 mins of fame when he actually went and toured with “The Rock and Roll Express” a group of wrestlers. My husband still has fan mail. Good stuff!