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We waited 9 plus months for this little pixie.
Within two months this tiny person has swooped in and stole all of our hearts. She’s happy and full of life. I have to admit lying in that hospital bed two months prior I couldn’t even comprehend what the future would look like being a mom to a girl. Two boys for 8 years kind of blocks out that area in your brain, no pink no purple no girly aisles in the toy store. Honestly I wouldn’t even venture there or look at any of that it just wasn’t on my radar. I mean I was pretty set on I’m always having boys and even wanted another! I have two siblings, younger twin brothers that I in fact wanted to be boys. So you see I’ve never had a girl that close to me other than my mom and a cousin. No fights over clothes, boyfriends, ect. Maybe I was scared of what a girl might bring or the unknown. When I had my genetic ultrasound she asked “Do you want to know the sex?!” I was sure it was a boy. My third. Eeeek, surprise, girl! Whoa, it didn’t really sink in until I was out shopping and saw this oh so stinkin cute Hello Kitty doll and it reminded me of times when I was a little girl. My favorite thing was a grab bag for 5 dollars at our malls Sanrio store, hence the Hello kitty. I grabbed that Hello Kitty up! It was hers and just like that a whole new world opened up for me.
For this silly little two month old Olive Juniper, a love I never knew I needed.



This is our kitten Luna. Luna means “The Moon.” I have to say we are completely smitten with our Halloween cat. She’s feisty & playful. Oh yeah and totally spoiled, she’s still drinking kitten formula. The new baby around here.



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Meet the baby caboose of our family :: Cash, 4, the youngest of two, king of his castle, warmest heart I’ve ever known.

1.He’s a sneaky wild.

2.Blocks, cars, creating or tearing apart it’s what he does.

3.After my balloon wreath DIY for Babiekins mag blog he has been asking to blow up balloons constantly.