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Crew 8, his favorite thing is Minecraft these days
Juniper 3months, with big brother Crew who is teaching her all about superheroes.
Cash 6, rocking his new hotdog Jack Spade scarf.




A late start to a portrait of my children once a week every week for 2015.
Crew- This now 8 year old learning lots of new things.
Juniper- A squishy almost 3 month old
Cash- Just turned 6 and is on a Disney kick.



We waited 9 plus months for this little pixie.
Within two months this tiny person has swooped in and stole all of our hearts. She’s happy and full of life. I have to admit lying in that hospital bed two months prior I couldn’t even comprehend what the future would look like being a mom to a girl. Two boys for 8 years kind of blocks out that area in your brain, no pink no purple no girly aisles in the toy store. Honestly I wouldn’t even venture there or look at any of that it just wasn’t on my radar. I mean I was pretty set on I’m always having boys and even wanted another! I have two siblings, younger twin brothers that I in fact wanted to be boys. So you see I’ve never had a girl that close to me other than my mom and a cousin. No fights over clothes, boyfriends, ect. Maybe I was scared of what a girl might bring or the unknown. When I had my genetic ultrasound she asked “Do you want to know the sex?!” I was sure it was a boy. My third. Eeeek, surprise, girl! Whoa, it didn’t really sink in until I was out shopping and saw this oh so stinkin cute Hello Kitty doll and it reminded me of times when I was a little girl. My favorite thing was a grab bag for 5 dollars at our malls Sanrio store, hence the Hello kitty. I grabbed that Hello Kitty up! It was hers and just like that a whole new world opened up for me.
For this silly little two month old Olive Juniper, a love I never knew I needed.