Still in need of a lot of baby gear oh yeah and diapers haha lets not forget the important stuff, but our little girl has definitely made her presence known. We are welcoming the change with open arms and I hope you enjoy seeing the new things coming for our family. I hope to do another post on the shared room with our daughter nearing the days of her birth and after. The wait is on..



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  1. June 27, 2014

    sweet bedroom…

  2. June 27, 2014

    Very sorry you got caught up in that. I blocked everyone who had anything to do with any of those comments I will not tolerate any bulling of any kind on my IG feed. It’s sad because the word has been used since the 14th century possibly before that I am in no way a racist and it’s a family name. I’m saddened at the amount of people I’ve had to remove and block! Thank you for explaining.

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