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Still in need of a lot of baby gear oh yeah and diapers haha lets not forget the important stuff, but our little girl has definitely made her presence known. We are welcoming the change with open arms and I hope you enjoy seeing the new things coming for our family. I hope to do another post on the shared room with our daughter nearing the days of her birth and after. The wait is on..



We had our home painted while we were lounging poolside in South Carolina & everyone received a new bed. I could not be more happy right now. I guess you could say I’ve been “nesting” the entire pregnancy. We are also getting prepared for out little one. Next post I will include some of my little beans new things and our shared bedroom. Nothing is at all finished but we are hard at work. Eventually I will post a fully completed tour of the bedroom and shared room.




We have vacationed away from the blog and IG for a while. Family is very important to me and I plan on keeping it that way. As you know a little bundle is coming this fall and we are super excited to become a family of 5. Being pregnant and getting everything done in a day around my house has been a task. I’m currently working on and hoping to achieve a good routine for the boys and myself for when the new baby arrives. It’s sad to say I’m not the superwoman I thought I would be. Two kids and one on the way is hard, there I said it! & to any mother with more kids than I, you are worthy of a metal!
I hope to be blogging more in the coming months all while keeping my household in order. Fingers crossed!