A huge thanks to Tea Collection for sending some of their new collection for my three to wear. We loved every piece. P.S. The gift wrap is everything! 

13 months and she is finally taken flight. My mobile monster is on the loose. We are locking cabinets and securing drawers. My baby is growing up already and tears are streaming down my face as I write this. For some reason I didn’t think she would grow this fast and never thought time would fly by as if I had two under two like with my boys. But again I’m here and she’s just twirling into a toddler. The “no’s” are coming right and left and mainly from her,  letting me know what she wants and doesn’t want. Oh the sass! 



Today I got to photograph part of the Adam’s family and their newest addition Hudson. Whitney is my sister in laws sister and her oldest, big brother Mac tagged along. He lost his clothes made himself right at home. Congrats Whitney and Jonathan on your sweet babe. 






A picture of my children every week in 2015

Crew age 8, he’s all about the blue hedgehog & bringing back my childhood. 

Cash age 6, he is his own person that’s for sure and he loves his cousins who are pictured with him here. He cries everytime they leave. 

Juniper 19 weeks, growing like a weed. Does it happen this fast? Why? How do I stop it? 

A weekly picture of my children 2015

Crew, age 8, dancing around the fire pit.

Cash, age 6, loving on Luna. 

Juniper, 17 weeks, alert and happy. 

Week 8/52 was a complete was a complete fail for my weekly pictures, one with the stomach flu and bracing for the rath of it to spread to the other four. Not a pretty picture! 

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A weekly portrait of my children

Crew age 8, a big brother forever and always.
Cash age 6, was not impressed with the few flakes that we ended up getting and said he needed more snow.
Juniper 15 weeks, hung out inside and kept warm for her first ice/snow.

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Processed with VSCOcam with j6 preset

Juniper 14 weeks, sleeping cozy on our ride to the NC mountains to pick up da’s new bus.
Cash age 6, he really has a thing for vehicles.
Crew age 8, exploring around the shop, there were so many treasures to see.